Natural South Sea Pearl Rati:8.34 (7.55ct) Moti, Mukta Ratna Pearl Gems Stone

Rs. 4,500

Gemstone : Pearl

Gems Variety : Natural

TCW ( Total Carat Weight ) : 7.55

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Location : BHUBANESWAR , Orissa


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Location : BHUBANESWAR , Orissa


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Item Specifics

Gems Variety : Natural
Shape : Round
Colour : White
Treatment : Untreated
Shipping & Handling : Rs.  Additional for shippinh charges
Delivery : Estimated by Mon, 24 Jun
Shipping Preferences : India Post | EMS Speed Post | DTDC | Blue Dart | Aramex
Item location : BHUBANESWAR , Orissa
Shipping to : India

Item Number : 1775

Natural South Sea Pearl Rati:8.34 (7.55ct) Moti, Mukta Ratna Pearl Gems Stone

Item Number : 1775

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Product Description
Proudct ID:  GK198631
 Natural South Sea Pearl Spotless White Brightness Best For Pendant & Ring


Product Specification


South Sea

Weight in Gram | Milligrams

1.510| 1510 mg

Weight In Carat


Weight In Ratti (Indian)

8.34   (1 Ratti 181Mg)





Lab Tested


Specific Gravity

2.71 Approx



Special Note:

1- The Image is of Original Gemstone but does not represent the actual size & color of the gemstone.

2- The Image is Zoomed for display. What you see herein the Picture, is what you will Get.

3- The Weight May Slightly ( + -  Plus Minus 20 mg, 0.10 Carat )

4-  Due to Weighing Scales Difference 

5- You May be seen Slight Difference in Colour Due to Difference in Lighting Conditions & Difference in Resolution of Color Monitors.

Useful things About Natural Pearl

Planet      : Moon

Cosmic Colour      :  Orange

Number   : 2

Chakra    : 10th. Svadhisthana chakra

Other Name of Pearls :

Mukta, Pearl, Rashi-Ratna, Gem of the moon, Taraka, Falling star, Jiva Ratna, Gem of the intellect.

1- The colour of a pearl is the result of a body colour and an overtones colour (known as orient) present (due to surface effects) as a lustrous sheen. White, light cream, light rose, light yellow, blue and green overtones on a white body, black and coloured pearls.

2- Saltwater (Sea) pearls are the most important on the market place.

3-These come principally from the Persian gulf (coasts of Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain State), Gulf of Manaar (The Indian Ocean between India and Ceylon), Australia, South Seas, Japan, Venezuela. Freshwater pearls come from rivers throughout the world

4- Sign of an afflicted Moon Pearl recommended 

5- The native will have good affluence, good fortune, recognition and fame.

6- Emotions under control, Improve Memory, Balanced emotional life,

7- Success in work, happiness and comfortable life can be rather difficult to achieve. Sicknesses during childhood, Fluctuations, moodiness, instability, lack of mental balance, Indecisiveness, Suffering from anxiety, Desire to lie and spread false rumors. 

8- Pearl or moti is ruled by moon. the Moon is cool calming planet of Hindu astrology. 

9- It is aggregate of sea salts, formed by under the influence of sea creatures Pearl coming from saltwater are of poor quality and highly recommended in astro remedies.

10- Pearl on having moon as yogakarak or Beneficial should always use pearl. 

11- Pearl is the stone of the Moon and wearing of Pearl will protect the native from harmful effects of Moon afflictions. 

12- Pearls are available in many colors, but of all the colors. white coloured pearls is the best for astro remedial use.

13- Wearing of pearl helps the native get freedom from mental disturbances, happiness from mother, success in educational fields and ensures good health, long life and improves finances, It cures mental disorders, gastric disorders, asthma, breathing troubles, lung disorders etc Disease.

14- Pearl in silver can mitigate reduce lots tensions.

15- Persons those have unstable mind and can't take decisions if wear pearl will obviously find soothing effect on mind and will be able to take quick decisions.

16- It enhances memory and concentration.  These be used by scholars or students those want to make mark in the class or want to appear competitive exams. (Students with low concentration and failures should use green tourmaline +Emerald along with pearl.)

18- It enhances personal charm and recommended for fair love and Marital bliss in our life.

19- It enhance optimism in relationships, and power of mutual understanding.

20- Real pearl string around the neck of ladies will preserve her restraint and purity.

21- It keeps the wearer away from ill persons or unhealthy.

22- A good quality pearl minimum. of 5.25 ratti acts as protective shield in stormy weather.

23- Wearer also gets self-confidence & enhance mental faculties.

24- Good for those engaged in humanitarian activities like  hospital, social works etc.

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